9 Eco-Chic Brands to Help You Celebrate Earth Day in Style

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No fast fashion here! In honor of Earth Day this year, I couldn’t think of any more responsible way to justify a shopping spree celebrate than by highlighting a few of these sustainable fashion lines. No boring brands, no scratchy fabrics—these nine environmentally friendly fashion destinations offer up luxurious quality, gorgeous designs and sustainable practices. There’s virtually nothing to feel guilty…

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Mint Condition: Mastering Spring Floral Prints

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Florals? Love ’em. Funky prints? I’m game. But together? Let’s just say they’re not always my favorite combination. When I think of spring floral prints, quite a few clichés come to mind (not to mention Meryl Streep’s glorious performance in The Devil Wears Prada). I mean, there are quite a few famous instances of floral faux pas—say, your grandma’s hideous old couch, many…

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Americana Revival: Transforming Coachella Looks Into Everyday Outfits

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2Hidden Jeans

Wait, is there something going on this weekend? Oh yeah—it’s just a little thing called Coachella weekend one. Hoards of hipsters, music-lovers and bohemian wanderlusts are packing up their lacy crop tops and sticking on their flash tattoos right now as they prepare to migrate to Indio for the next three days. And in the wake of the extravaganza, you know our newsfeeds are about…

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Blush Beginnings

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1Free People

Hello, lovelies! First and foremost, welcome to Fleur de Linds. This is my own personal “blogazine”—an editorial landscape with many elements of a traditional online magazine, told through my voice. These are really my looks, my beauty tips, my lifestyle recommendations (and yeah, those really were all of my donuts); everything on this site is near and dear to my…

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Color Craze: How to Wear a Sequin Bomber Jacket Like an It-Girl

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1Dolce & Gabbana
2Clover Canyon
3Brandy Melville

I’ll just go ahead and say it how it is: I love this jacket. I’ve never owned something as fashion-forward as, say, a rainbow sequin sheer bomber jacket. But there’s a first time for everything. And this crazy-cool jacket just spoke to me like no other garment has. It all started at the Clover Canyon sample sale a few weeks back,…

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