Lux Livin’! How to Decorate a Dream Yellow Living Room on the Cheap

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Confession time: I’m in love. With an inanimate object. It’s my yellow rug. For anyone that’s ever set foot in my little West Hollywood apartment—or who’s seen my Instagram for that matter—this is no secret. It’s sunny lemon yellow with a crisp white floral pattern, and the second I saw it I headed straight for the “Add to Cart” button…

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Blush Beginnings

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Hello, lovelies! First and foremost, welcome to Fleur de Linds. This is my own personal “blogazine”—an editorial landscape with many elements of a traditional online magazine, told through my voice. These are really my looks, my beauty tips, my lifestyle recommendations (and yeah, those really were all of my donuts); everything on this site is near and dear to my…

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