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This Is the Watch Every It-Girl Will Want This Fall

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In the midst of moving across the country (again), I found myself obliterating the majority of my cloest… again. Maybe it was the ridiculous cost of moving all those boxes. Perhaps it was my complete and utter dread at the thought of carrying one more friggin’ box. Or it could have just been that my wardrobe was, in fact, desperate for a…

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This Sleek Choker Is About to be Summer’s Biggest Jewelry Trend

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Just like a Britney Spears rising from the ashes, the choker has made a glorious comeback. Of course, you didn’t need me to tell you that, with chokers popping up on the necks of every major actress, model and Instagram star on the planet. And while I was hesitant at first to get onboard, well, I’ve cozied up to the…

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