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Caught Red Handed: Making a Monochromatic Statement

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1For Love & Lemons
2Rebecca Minkoff

Every rule has its exceptions, and the world of styling is stuffed with them. Overflowing, really—wearing white after labor, moms who can (and do) rock skinny jeans, turtlenecks in the summer. And on that note, I tend to bend a few sartorial rules when assembling outfits. My greatest fear isn’t looking outrageous; it’s looking forgettable. The thought of an all-red…

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Bohemian Strategy: Blending Beachy Looks with City Vibes

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1For Love & Lemons

Southern California fashion has a flavor distinctly it’s own. With the sprawling coastline, rows of palm trees dotting (nearly) every street and a permanent vacation climate as influences, it’s no wonder why so many of use are head-over-heels for bohemian styles, bright colors and breezy silhouettes. But particularly in Los Angeles, we’ve, Los Angeles adopted a hybrid bohemian-meets-cosmopolitan tang that…

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