Beauty Report: Ouai Haircare Wave Spray

Beauty Report: Ouai Haircare Wave Spray

Confession timeI’ve fallen in love. Again. And it’s the real deal this time.

Nope, I’m not talking about any old boy. It’s Jen Atkin’s Ouai Haircare Wave Spray that’s got me weak at the knees right now, and I don’t see any sign of this love fest simmering down anytime soon. It all started a few weeks ago when I went in for a haircut; I was way overdue. Long story short, my ultra-long hair is now short(er), and while I thought I’d be down for a noticeable trim, well, it turns out I’m not. Then there’s the matter of layers–I’d asked for lots and lots, but what I got was a thinned haircut. Yeah, not exactly what I had in mind.

Oaui Product Shot

Fast forward, and one of my lovely friends recommended this gem of a texturizer to me. After eyeballing my less-than-voluminous locks, she immediately knew that this was the product for the job. And as it turns out, she was absolutely right.

Where there was a thin deflated mess before (womp, womp), there’s now a made-for-the-beach mane in it’s place. I really do adore my giant tousled curls, and with this wave spray, I can easily get them back.
Curious how to use the Ouai wave spray? Let me explain…


Hair Review Grid-edit

  1. Start with dry hair–either air dried or with a blow dryer, dealers choice. Quickly run a brush (or your fingers) through your hair to get rid of any pesky knots.
  2. Now, spray a few healthy mists of this texturizer throughout your locks, making sure to distribute evenly across your mane.
  3. Curl your hair with a medium to large barrel, making large, loose waves. Make sure to curl away from your face on either side for that easy-breezy, blown-back effect.

EXPERT TIP: Instead of your trusty old wand or traditional clip curling iron, try the Beach Waver. This tool is changing the curly hair game, and I really don’t know how I ever managed to curl my hair before it. Essentially, it’s a an automatic rotating tool that curls each section of hair to perfection. Just clip in the bottom of the strand, press the button, wait a few seconds for the curl to set, and release. IT’S. SO. EASY. Every time I use it without fail, people ask me where I get my hair blown out. Oh, and the folks over at Victoria’s Secret don’t seem to mind it either, seeing as it was the official heat styling tool of last year’s runway show.

  1. Time to let loose. Using your fingers, tousle and work your way through the curls, until you’ve loosened them to the desired style. Spray a few more mists of the Oaui wave spray on top, and for added volume, spritz at the roots as well, lifting a layer of hair up and spraying from underneath.

Hair Vertical Shot

And voilabeach-perfect waves, minus the sticky sand and salt water.

Product Shot 2-cropped

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