9 Eco-Chic Brands to Help You Celebrate Earth Day in Style

9 Eco-Chic Brands to Help You Celebrate Earth Day in Style

No fast fashion here! In honor of Earth Day this year, I couldn’t think of any more responsible way to justify a shopping spree celebrate than by highlighting a few of these sustainable fashion lines. No boring brands, no scratchy fabrics—these nine environmentally friendly fashion destinations offer up luxurious quality, gorgeous designs and sustainable practices. There’s virtually nothing to feel guilty about here…except maybe your credit card bill.

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  1. Amour Vert Cool girls like Blake Lively have been raving about this sustainably chic line for years, which may have something to do with each and every piece looking like its made for a Parisian street style star. Amour Vert—French for “green love”—is all about non-toxic dyes, ethically sourced fabrics and creating American jobs while delivering top-knotch green fashion.
  2. Reformation
    If you haven’t heard of Reformation, well, it’s time for us to talk. This (relatively) newcomer brand has been making big splashes in the fashion pond this past year, counting the likes of Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel, Taylor Swift and Diane Kruger as just a few faces amongst a crowd of celeb fans. Their dresses? Romantic masterpieces. The jumpsuits? Drop-dead-gorgeous confections. And everything else? Well, let’s just say nothing comes close to disappointing
  3. Elektrix Love
    Stride into Soul Cycle with pride when you’re sporting threads from this workout brand, which recycles plastic bottles and fabrics into high quality (and seriously stylish) fitness gear. And if you think about it, the concept is a no-brainer—the fabrics are extra flexible to withstand any workout, plus they stay dry even through your most intense workout. Oh, and have I mentioned how crazy-cool the printed leggings are?
  4. Bon George
    With the philosophy to “keep it conscious,” this seriously stylish brand is also seriously committed to delivering customers with green goods. This vintage-inspired line utilizes salvaged textiles to create truly unique goods, and every garment they create is limited edition (meaning you won’t have to worry about a zillion girls copying your look).
  5. Conscious Clothing
    The name says it all here, folks. These conscious threads are all made of hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and organic linen, not to mention recycled fabrics, and every garment is handmade with lots of eco-friendly love. If you’re looking to revamp your basics with some earthy upgrades, this is where you’ll want to shop.


  1. Riyka Designed with the fashion-forward girl in mind, this British brand offers up the edgiest ethically crafted tunics and dresses on the block.
  2. Svilu
    High-end fashionistas: this line was made for you. In fact, even if this brand weren’t highly ethical in every way—which it is, mind you—you’d be drooling over this bold (and brilliant) minimalist collection.
  3. Ethica
    There’s one big issue with sustainable fashion—it’s not always sustainably priced. Not that pricier goods aren’t worth the investment, but it’s also nice to have a few budget-friendly and environmentally conscious options for the bargainista. But not to worry, that’s where Ethica comes in—this line’s got gorgeous clothing (and beauty products) that are priced for every occasion.
  4. Vitamin A
    Thought environmentally friendly fashion was limited to everyday wear? Wrong! Swimwear is now part of the eco-chic equation thanks to Vitamin A, which does its part to lighten the carbon footprint with a trademarked jersey fabric made of recycled nylon fibers. And have I mentioned Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba—two powerhouse celebs with their own earth-conscious lifestyle lines—are big fans? 

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