Fleur-Ever Young: Visiting The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch in Style

Fleur-Ever Young: Visiting The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch in Style
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If you’ve been paying attention thus far, you might’ve picked up on a certain theme here. Aside from my infatuation with pretty dresses and obvious donut addiction, I adore flowers. After all, this is Fleur de Linds (for those of you who skipped French class, that means flower). So before I tell you about my outfit for this excursion, I’ve got to dish little bit about my trip to these astonishing flower fields.

Growing up outside of New Orleans, I’ve spent a good amount of time (literally) stopping to smell the roses—or magnolias, gardenias, tulips, irises, etc.—around the area’s many manicured lawns. And as a result, I’m always on the hunt for the next breathtaking garden (or small patch of wildflowers) over which to ohhh, ahhh and then take a million pictures with, obviously. So imagine my reaction when I came across The Flower Fields at Carslbad Ranch while stalking perusing through Instagram.


One look at these heavenly fields of flowers, and I immediately started planning a mini road trip. Carlsbad isn’t very far from where I live in theory (meaning not far without traffic, which is a constant in Southern California), so I recruited two of my wonderful friends to wake up obnoxiously early and make the trek with me. One quick pit stop at Coffee Bean and then another at the Chick-fil-A, and we were driving up to the most bewildering blooms I’ve ever seen.

To sum up this place in a few words would merely be to call it heaven on earth.


Only open two months of the year, The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch are fifty acres of soft slopping hills, blanketed in thousands of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus blooms. Rows and rows of white, pink, orange, yellow and red flowers completely cloak the grounds and stretch on for as far as you can see, with the coast on one side and rows of palm tress on the other. It’s the kind of place you dream of as the backdrop of a perfect proposal or as the location of your fairytale wedding.

Now for this outing, I wasn’t about to wear anything that might take away from the beauty of this place (as if that were possible). I needed an understatedly romantic number, and this Lovers + Friends hourglass dress with a halter neckline was just the number for the job. The subtle checkered print lent it a picnic-ready feel, which worked beautifully with scenery (funny enough, I hadn’t even noticed that detail when I ordered it online!). The real show-stopping element of this piece, however, was the back. With a subtly sexy cutout back offset by breezy circle skirt, the dress might as well have been made for these photos.


As for accessories, this look didn’t require much. Adhering to the age-old less-is-more principle, I went for a pair of tear-drop rose quartz Olivia & Grace earrings and a Kendra Scott gold cuff, both courtesy of Rocksbox. And to top it all off, I opted for a funky pair of jelly platform sandals à la Call It Spring, which are a big ’90s-inspired shoe trend gaining traction this season.

In spite of the four-hour round trip, fighting off gobs of weekend traffic, burning through a tank of gas and an unexpected $15 toll road expense(still not happy about that surprise expense), I’d make this trip again in a second. So perhaps it’s for the best that this enchanting place is only in bloom two months of the year, because if it were in fact a year-round destination, I might never spend a weekend elsewhere again.

Outfit Details
Lovers + Friends Terrace View Dress, $158
Shoes: Call It Spring Ceola Sandals, $30
Earrings: Olivia & Grace, available on Rocksbox
Bracelet: Kendra Scott Erica Bracelet in Pyrite, $75





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