This Sleek Choker Is About to be Summer’s Biggest Jewelry Trend

This Sleek Choker Is About to be Summer’s Biggest Jewelry Trend

Just like a Britney Spears rising from the ashes, the choker has made a glorious comeback.

Of course, you didn’t need me to tell you that, with chokers popping up on the necks of every major actress, model and Instagram star on the planet. And while I was hesitant at first to get onboard, well, I’ve cozied up to the idea, even breaking out a few black ribbon versions of my own.


But like all good comebacks, there’s got to be some revitalizing factor. And since chokers are never going to get a residency in Las Vegas, they’ve got to step up their game elsewhere. So before you spend hours digging through your third grade jewelry chest for your old Claire’s stretchy choker, check out this upgraded (and big girl) version.

Yup, sleek silver chokers are the answer to your ’90s-self’s prayers, although it’s not so much silver as it is all metallic chokers that are about to take up real estate in your jewelry collection (gold, pewter, rose gold; all are excellent options). This is by no means reinventing the choker, its just giving it a mature makeover that compliments everything from your going out clothes to your work outfits. Polished, sophisticated and refined are all adjectives that come to mind when you see a thin silver choker—not “Oh, is that something she bought at Claire’s 20 years ago?”

Silver-Choker-Fleur-de-Linds-3 Jus

What’s more, there’s another chic upgrade to the classic choker here, and that would be both layering and gemstones. Which lucky enough, are both elements of this choker I found while perusing an ANGL store earlier this week. It’s designed to have both the silver choker band and the layered piece be one necklace, but me being me, I decided to detach the singular choker and wear it as a statement piece on it’s own. Of course, I like the layered piece along as well… and I like them all together. Which essentially makes this necklace a three-for-one deal in my book.

Oh, and it only rings in at $15, making this a no-brainer buy.


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