Fancy Pants: Tricks to Rock Brightly Colored Bottoms This Spring

Fancy Pants: Tricks to Rock Brightly Colored Bottoms This Spring
1Kate Spade
2Chinese Laundry

Of all the things I fear, color is not one of them.

That tidbit is probably painfully obvious though, based on my clear affinity for candy-colored margaritas or my obsession with the lemon yellow rug in my living room. Not to throw shade at neutral color palettes (I do love an LBD or white jeans and T-shirt combo), but there’s just something inexplicably thrilling about a vivid ensemble. It makes me go weak at the knees. I didn’t decide to work in fashion because I wanted to play it safe; I wanted to make a statement, and inspire women to make bigger, bolder sartorial choices. If you are what you wear, then I’m your friends who’s more bubbly than a frothy glass of rosé.

Photos by Kyle DeWitt.

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 1

Of course, wearing lots of colors comes with it’s risks. Nobody wants their outfit to be compared to a giant orange traffic cone or a pastel colored Easter egg. Dressing colorfully requires more effort than just slipping on another all-black ensemble. But where there’s more risk for looking outrageous, there’s also more potential to look outrageously good. Before you rush to add a few bright bottoms (or tops…or dresses…or whatever else) to your spring-summer rotation though, take these tidbits into consideration:

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 4

  1. The more lively the color print, the simpler the silhouette. 
    Let the color do the talking, not the shape of the garment. The most jaw-dropping pieces don’t have to be the most over-the top. Here, I chose a pair of Kate Spade NYC water color printed jeans because of the classic cropped cut complemented the watercolor print instead of detracting from it.
  2. Stick with a consistent color palette.
    No Rainbow Brite here! Pick a palette of either complementary (i.e. across from each other on the color wheel) or analogous (i.e. next to each other on the color wheel) colors for best results. You’ll note these pants are namely soft shades of pink and yellow, and the sunny Chinese Laundry pumps and sparkling rose gold clutch are there to accentuate those complementary tints.
  3. No need to go overboard on top.
    As I implied above, use your accessories to accentuate your color palette instead of your top. Should you find the rare topper that’s the perfect shade from your bottoms, it may work. Nine times out of ten though, a neutral blouse is what you’ll need to balance out those bright bottoms. For me, that was this bohemian Lovers + Friends off-the-shoulder number with a lace trim.

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 2

Outfit Details
Pants: Kate Spade Multicolor Broome Street Capri
Top: Lovers + Friends Life’s a Beach Top
Heels: Chinese Laundry Women’s Avenue Dress Sandal
Bracelet: Kendra Scott Erica Bracelet in Pyrite

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 3

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 5

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 6

Colorful Pants Fleur de Linds 7

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