Tuesday Tidbits: Turning a One-Piece Swimsuit Into One Chic Top

Tuesday Tidbits: Turning a One-Piece Swimsuit Into One Chic Top
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It’s time to stop discriminating against your one-pieces, ladies.

Gone are the days of saving your monokini exclusively for poolside or beachy occasions. Because with the return of ’90s fashion has also come a bonanza of bodysuits in the marketplace, and if you look closely, well, your brand-new bodysuit isn’t all that different from your favorite one-piece swimsuit. As a matter of fact, some of your neoprene or polyester suits may double for water proof designs—it’s all a matter of marketing really.

Photos by Kyle DeWitt.

One Piece Top Fleur de Linds 7

Bearing all that in mind, I’ve got a challenge for you: Instead of investing in a bodysuit and a one-piece this summer, why not settle on a two-for-one compromise? That’s right: Buy a one-piece that doubles as bodysuit, which basically translates into half the price for double the outfits. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, that’s what I call a win-win situation.

Need proof of how this actually looks? Look no further than above… and below for exactly how I took my own advice, plus the exact thought process I used when scooping up this perfectly versatile Lovers + Friends one-piece swimsuit.

One Piece Top Fleur de Linds 13

How to wear a one-piece as a top…

  1. Look for fabric or texture that looks blouse-worthy. This specific one-piece-turned-top has a woven knit texture, which works wonders as a bohemian-friendly fabric. Instead of looking at specific fabric content on a tag, just look for a top that you could actually pair with jeans or a skirt and wear to lunch. Truthfully, that means nothing too shiny, see-through or overly stretchy.
  2. When it comes to silhouette, pick sophisticated over sexy. If you’re headed to Vegas and only Vegas, pile on the straps and the sex appeal. For all other occasions pick a shape that could, again, work as a top. Keep the cutouts to a minimum, and look for a neckline that isn’t drastically low. With this specific piece, I took the high neck route.
  3. The back is not a deal breaker. Most one-pieces by their very nature expose a good bit of back. That being said, if this top is one you want to err on the sultrier side, then there’s no issue. If it is in fact an issue, either find a design that has a higher back, or pick out a jacket to cover it. For example, I paired this particular outfit with a summery tan BCBG bomber to disguise the strappy backless structure of the piece and to create a breezy yet put-together look. Sans jacket, this is a sexy beach-day look, and with a pair of tight jeans I would absolutely wear this to a swanky bar. It all depends on where you’re headed and the message you want to send. And with this one-piece in particular, you can have a top that easily transitions from day to night in a snap.

    One Piece Top Fleur de Linds 2

Outfit Details
One-piece: Lovers + Friends No Secrets One-Piece
Jacket: BCBG
Shorts: Siwy Denim Camila in Mal de Mar cutoff shorts
Belt: River Island Black Western Double Belt Buckle
Earrings: Simon G. Jewelry

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