This Is the Watch Every It-Girl Will Want This Fall

This Is the Watch Every It-Girl Will Want This Fall

In the midst of moving across the country (again), I found myself obliterating the majority of my cloest… again. Maybe it was the ridiculous cost of moving all those boxes. Perhaps it was my complete and utter dread at the thought of carrying one more friggin’ box. Or it could have just been that my wardrobe was, in fact, desperate for a little cleanse, and that meant tossing a lot of goods.

I could go on here, but I’ll cut to the chase: After my move-turned-closet-purge, I’ve been on an investment-pieces kick. Translation: I’m only getting quality items from now on, even if that means I have fewer things in my wardrobe rotation that I wear more often.

In compliance with this new mantra, my jewelry cabinet was hit the hardest. I pitched dozens of pieces, and at the end found myself with a healthy amount of necklaces and earrings. The bracelets department was not as fortunate, with about two or three left in my jewelry cabinet. And as for my watches? Well, let’s just say they got narrowed down to zilch.

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It may almost seem ironic that I’d want a watch—I’m occasionally always late—but after doing a little research, I found one I wasn’t even sure I’d been looking for: A wooden watch.

If it sounds a bit hipster, that’s probably because it is. But this fall, it’s all about embracing your inner indie, and for me it all started with this JORD Wood Watch. Let me begin by saying no watch I’ve ever owned is anything like this one, as I’m usually more of a minimalist with anything on my wrists. But this Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood version just spoke to me. With the chocolate-colored finished and subtle silver accents, it almost looked too masculine for me at first. After staring at it’s understated utilitarian design on my computer screen for what probably was an unhealthy amount of time, I decided to go for it, because it hit every check on my list: It was unique, on-trend and, most importantly, high quality.

Since receiving this beauty, I’ve rarely taken it off for more than a minute. I love the way it stands alone on my wrist, or even paired with a few of the bracelets left standing in my collection. And with fall ushering in a new season of refined minimalism and menswear-inspired accessories, you’d best believe this JORD Wooden Watch is one you’ll want to snag before it’s gone.

Want to score a JORD women’s watch of your own? Well, you’re in luck! Enter below for a chances to win a $75 e-voucher, or just receive a $20 gift card when you enter. So go ahead, make you fall it-girl watch dreams come true!

*Offer valid now through Sept. 11, 2016. One voucher per customer, $75 voucher winner is excluded from additional $20 credit. E-voucher valid for one month after contest end-date.

**This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.

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