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Replanting the Seeds of a Hardcore Perfectionist

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In the dawning age of a Black Mirror reality, “perfection” is less a lofty ideal and more of a round-the-clock workout. In addition to all the old mechanisms of achieving perfection—i.e. the body, the job, the guy, the hair, the makeup, the wardrobe, the shoes, the apartment, the car, the handbag, etc.—there now exists a constant need to “appear” to be…

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This Is the Watch Every It-Girl Will Want This Fall

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In the midst of moving across the country (again), I found myself obliterating the majority of my cloest… again. Maybe it was the ridiculous cost of moving all those boxes. Perhaps it was my complete and utter dread at the thought of carrying one more friggin’ box. Or it could have just been that my wardrobe was, in fact, desperate for a…

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14 Best Coffee Shops for Bloggers in Los Angeles (& They All Have Free Wifi!)

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Whether you’re a blogger, a beautician, a boss-lady or anything in between, sometimes you’ve just got to get out of the office to get some work done. It doesn’t matter if your workspace is a corner office with a view or the desk next to your bed at home, because when the writer’s block (or Buzzfeed quiz distractions) hit, there’s nothing worse…

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Tuesday Tidbits: Turning a One-Piece Swimsuit Into One Chic Top

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It’s time to stop discriminating against your one-pieces, ladies. Gone are the days of saving your monokini exclusively for poolside or beachy occasions. Because with the return of ’90s fashion has also come a bonanza of bodysuits in the marketplace, and if you look closely, well, your brand-new bodysuit isn’t all that different from your favorite one-piece swimsuit. As a matter of…

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Tuesday Tidbits: How to Wear Paper Bag Waist Pants

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1Current Elliott

Like a trusty pair of sweats, paper bag pants are the comfy-cozy wardrobe BFF you need after one too many cookies. Unlike your favorite pair of sweatpants, however, you can actually walk out in public wearing them without looking like you’re fresh off a 3-day Netflix binge. The paper bag waist often gets a bad rap for being boxy and boyish.…

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