14 Best Coffee Shops for Bloggers in Los Angeles (& They All Have Free Wifi!)

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Whether you’re a blogger, a beautician, a boss-lady or anything in between, sometimes you’ve just got to get out of the office to get some work done. It doesn’t matter if your workspace is a corner office with a view or the desk next to your bed at home, because when the writer’s block (or Buzzfeed quiz distractions) hit, there’s nothing worse…

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3 Kickass Maragarita Recipes to Impress All Your Friends This Cinco de Mayo

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Technically speaking, right now is the height of margarita season. Unless you’re like me, in which case ordering an icy marg on the rocks is just another Tuesday night (like Taco Tuesday would be complete without ’em!). For me, a fresh lime juice margarita is something that can be enjoyed 365-days a years, but it’s something that should be extra-celebrated…

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Lux Livin’! How to Decorate a Dream Yellow Living Room on the Cheap

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Confession time: I’m in love. With an inanimate object. It’s my yellow rug. For anyone that’s ever set foot in my little West Hollywood apartment—or who’s seen my Instagram for that matter—this is no secret. It’s sunny lemon yellow with a crisp white floral pattern, and the second I saw it I headed straight for the “Add to Cart” button…

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L.A.’s Most Instagram-Worthy Donuts

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Just as frozen yogurt and cupcakes enjoyed their times at the top, donuts are currently reigning as social media’s most-adored dessert. Whether you’re perusing Pinterest or stalking Instagram, I’m willing to bet you’ll come across at least, say, a dozen donut snapshots. I’m not passing any judgement though—hell, I’m joining in myself! Because who could resist a sweet, delicious, Instagram-perfect donut?…

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